LEGO – The Growth And The Movement

Who doesn’t love LEGOS? LEGOS have been within our families for years—and will be for many years to come. LEGOS are now used in the arts, science, education, and entertainment industries; not just children toys or for hobbyist. From the beginner LEGO builder to the expert builder—they all have a part to play. LEGOS have a long history, beginning in the year 1916 by a young man name Ole Kirk (the founder of LEGO). Ole Kirk was a self-employed carpenter and joiner. In 1932 Ole Kirk started to manufacture and sell wooden toys. LEGOS went from wooden blocks/pull-along toys, plastic toys, to plastic bricks and other custom plastic shapes. Now named LEGO Group, the company has partnered/joined many big brands to its licensed theme group products. Some of the brands they partner with are The Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon, Harry Potter, Marvel Super Heroes, and many more. LEGO entered the parks/entertainment industry with LEGOLAND; and they have several LEGOLAND parks around the world. LEGOS are now doing everything from video games, tabletop games, films, fashion & style, clubs, fan builders, books, hotels, and — one of my favorites — LEGO Brick Art. LEGO Brick Art shows the many creative LEGO building structures you can build using LEGOS. LEGOS grew from just being simple wooden blocks into something huge! I can see LEGO growing and expanded in new industries in the future. Also, getting more children to be excited about building with LEGOS. I can also see more innovative creative projects being developed within the arts and engineering industries. I want to share with you some of the awesome creative works that artists built using LEGOS.









How Design Is Changing Urban Blight Into Beauty

Urban design at it’s finest. Design attractions that bring the community together. Nowadays, deserted spaces, city lots, and old highways are being transformed into walking trails, biking trails, or river walks–something of beauty. Designers are taking places that are outdated/abandoned and turning them into masterpieces. I see the changing of urban design outside my window. From our parks to our highways everything is changing. From the green rooftop movement, to urban gardening; each has its purposes. Urbanism is transforming the many ways we commute and socialize with one another. My favorite is the open park concept–you could connect to a free Wi-Fi connection and enjoy your day at the park. I can see people enjoying the outdoors more and spending time with family and friends in these urban spots. The concept of taking an open space and turning it into something that everyone can use is amazing. The urban cities that are taking part in these design projects have happier people enjoying the city and more visitors. In return there is more business for the city and relaxation for the residents. Children are also enjoying the urban design concepts. One project called the Underpass Park in Toronto did an excellent job taking unused space beneath overpasses and turning it into a community park. I believe we can share many more examples of amazing urban design projects that are happening in our communities. I like this movement because I can see more people spending time outside, kids interacting with one another, transportation running smoothly, lovely bike trails to ride bikes on, and nice bridges to view the city’s highways and byways.

Street Art – The Craft In Its Rarest Beauty

Have you ever wondered to yourself how an artist came up with the idea of a piece when looking at street art? How he/she found the drive and motivation? Have you ever reflected on the feelings that you feel when looking at the work of a street artist—and desired to know who created the amazing piece? Ever wanted to know the history behind a piece and what it means? For me, street art is a story—a message that is told in the form of art. When I look at street art, I try to look at it from different angles. I look at it close up and I look at it from afar. No matter what, there’s a message/story behind the art. Some tell a message of struggles, culture, history, humor, political, movements—staged through a unique perspective (like a 3D illusion). Street art can be displayed in many forms and on any place/surface. Street art can be found on buildings, streets, traffic poles, park benches, on trees, steps, sewers, and any imaginative places you can’t think of. This art form is creative and well thought out in most cases; and displayed in fun and sometimes moving ways. Street art is looked at, in urban cities, as landmark—everybody has seen them and can tell you about them. They are so many street art pieces globally, that there are many blogs dedicated to the topic of street art. Street art is history—a movement; an art form with no barriers and no boundaries. I have images of some street art below that I thought was interesting. Enjoy!






Alma- Short Film

Animated film is one of my favorite areas to talk about. As a young boy, I always liked their ability to catch your attention–they keep you curious for more and will draw you in. Focusing on the tiniest details–from the sounds, shadows, colors, and textures– I was amazed by the creativity each part produces. There are so many imaginative/innovative artists that produce extraordinary work. Artists today, that work in the field of art and design/creative, are so creative. Telling a story in a visual way is mind blowing!

I’d like to take the time to share this awesome short film called Alma. Alma is an award-winning short animated video, written and directed by Rodrigo Blaas. The main character of this film is a little cute green-eyed girl name Alma–a little girl whose curiosities lead her into a whole lot of trouble that she will NEVER forget. The details that they put into this film were crazy! The reactions from the little girl’s face were so human-like. The background images of the buildings and the snow were so real looking. The film has a very interesting story, which will keep you focused and a little scared until the end. I’m not going to lie, I was a little frightened watching this film because it caught my attention on so many angles. My opinion about this film is that it was nicely produced and well crafted. The story line for this film was nice, and the project overall was superb!